Parlor Training at Jan Jagrati Foundation

Jan Jagrati Foundation is providing parlor training for women to be independent . JJF is a India Level Trust Registered by Government of India. 

AT Jan Jagrati Foundation, this training typically discusses the anatomy and physiology of facial skin as well as skin disorders. Students learn skin type analysis in order to accurately advise their clients on beneficial treatments. There are many different types and complexity levels of facials and facial techniques used, including cleansing, steaming and extractions and moisturizing.

Relaxation Massage Course:

At Jan Jagrati Foundation, this Training generally teaches students types of massage for different parts of the face and body. The class discusses the health benefits of massage and different styles of massage.

Waxing Course:

Usually, this course covers information on hair structure and growth cycles. It also teaches students about proper waxing tools, sanitation and safe hygiene. In online courses, waxing procedures and techniques may be demonstrated on video with specific instructions given for different areas of the face or body.

Nail Care Course:

In this type of course, students typically learn about giving a professional manicure or pedicure with massage, cuticle removal and removal of dead or dry skin. Coursework includes an overview of sanitation issues, products and equipment. The class also goes over additional skincare treatments such as masks and paraffin waxes for hand and foot care. Online videos demonstrate the techniques behind successful application, maintenance and removal of artificial nails.

Lash and Brow Tint Course:

This type of course typically teaches students how to correctly and safely dye eyelashes and eyebrows. Some courses of this type also teach eyelash perming. Students learn how to mix and apply color to lashes and brows as well as the process of safe removal of dye. With lash perming, students learn how to correctly apply perm rods to lashes and use curl-producing solutions.

Theory of Cosmetology Course:

This course is generally an introduction to the basic skills in professional image, manicuring and personal hygiene. Oftentimes, this course will include information on the basic sciences of sanitation and physiology. Students may also learn the laws of their particular state when it comes to governing cosmetology. In this Program 50 womens 20 Widows and 30 Adolescents were participated and benefited.